The Process

The process of working with us as a private lender is really pretty simple.

Here are the basic steps to a private money loan with our company:

1. Step One: Our company locates and approves an investment property based on our strict investment criteria.
2. Step Two: Our company offers a private note to cover the costs of the purchase (acquisition, remodeling, etc.).  A private lender sends their loan funds to the escrow company and the note is created, thus legally making the property collateral for the loan.
3. Step Three: Our company closes on the property and begins with the remodel using the funds from the private lender. We then secure a tenant and your monthly payments begin.
4. Step Four: Once the property is complete, based on our exit strategy (after initial mortgage term), we either refinance or sell the property to cash you out as the private lender or we'll market the property to a new investor. Once the property is sold or refinanced the private lender will receive 100% of their loan principal plus the  interest received.

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