Investment Options
Our company has 3 basic investment options. Read below and decide which one best fits your goals.

OPTION 1: Basic Interest-Only Payment (paid monthly)

This option allows for the investor to know exactly what to expect and when. Based upon our agreement, you will recieve a monthly interest-only payment on your investment. The rates we offer are extremely competetive averaging 11% per annum.  You will recieve this payment in monthly installments on the same date and time every month, allowing you to sit back and watch your money make money. 

OPTION 2:  Home Remodel/ Flip

This option is for those looking to share on the final sales price of the home.  There is a growing number of first time home buyers taking advantage of the low interest rates on mortgages right now. They are looking for a home to last them for years to come. This strategy is designed to find houses in need of updates, that have the potential to be a great home for anyone.  We will bring them up to the highest of standards and find the right people for it. The investor can share on the NET profits of the sale which can be very high returns.

OPTION 3:  Buying an Income Producing Property

This option is for people that want to buy and manage their own income producing property, making you a landlord.  It is a one time cash transaction, and you will become the outright owner.  Thus, allowing you to collect the full rent every month.  This investment pays for itself in two to three years. 

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